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4 Powerful Ideas For Conducting Virtual Learning Competently

4 Powerful Ideas For Conducting Virtual Learning Competently

Virtual learning for professional learning is a new normal in this cutting-edge. But we all know how it's way more different than face-to-face learning. Though it has been quite some time, technology has been put to use for learning purposes, we are still getting used to virtual teaching day by day. So it’s fair to say that we are still experimenting our way through this virtual learning.

There are multiple things to put specific attention on when it comes to online teaching. Yes! we are to put our prime focus on the learning objective. However, with the use of technology as our sole medium, we also need to design our learning program in a way that enables us to achieve those learning objectives efficiently.

4 Way to Conduct Virtual Professional Learning Skillfully –

Choosing Virtual Platform Carefully

Ensure a major spotlight on the platform you will be using to facilitate virtual learning. For instance, the breakout option is great for initiating conversation and engagement. Considering the size of the group, whether or not to use breakout rooms, if you are using the breakout room who will be there to assist.

Also, there comes a big question on how you are planning to use the chat option. The chat feature is very useful when it comes to fielding questions and sharing resources. The virtual platform you choose to use will have a major impact on molding the learning session.

Prepare Structured Session Flow

Run through it all in your mind, the session flow how things will/may take place. Though there are several differences between face-to-face learning and virtual learning, one major difference to look at is how we strategies to keep online learners engaged. Student engagement is a challenge for many teachers both in traditional classrooms as well as virtual classrooms.

You may notice the break time we allow in virtual teaching is way more prompt. It is difficult to sit through and keep staring at the screen for long. Hence, apart from breaking down the entire session in a smaller portion, break time too need to be allotted appropriately to maintain the keep up with the energy.

Put a Tab of What’s Working

With more and more opportunities to engage in online learning sessions, it gets easier to hold live online sessions. From both trainer and learners' perspective, you are going to learn the tips and techniques on how to conduct sessions effortlessly. Keep a tab on what works well for you and what the learner needs from you.

From there you can customize your training needs, make lists of the tips that can add positivity to your training. Learning objectives can be facilitated better when you are accustomed and know how to use your personal abilities like a pro.

Always Anticipate Challenges

For those who are already familiar with teaching and training, we know the planned lesson always does not go as planned. Many a time the teacher/trainer needs to be flexible and spontaneous to make adjustment with the organic flow of the session. And since virtual teaching is majorly dependent on technology, it is meant to add some new challenges to the usual ones. For starters, you can resend the link of the session an hour before just to notice the participant. You can also keep a provision for extra assistance in case there is a tech issue. For example, share the phone number/email of the teach support member of your team. And to add to that, anticipating problems allows us room for an efficient and refined experience in virtual learning.

As the facilitator of a training program, we have the opportunity to embrace technology to amplify learning achievement. Sure, it takes an effort to reframe our learning session delivery, but we are also getting the opportunity to redefine our approach towards learning.

Above all, there is no end to the learning process. With each step ahead, there is an open door to grow, evolve and get more creative. For the ones who are new to the field, professional training course for virtual teachers such as Virtual Online Teaching (VOLT) is a great way to provide momentum in the career. Virtual learning is most likely to be a huge part of education as well as professional development. So, it makes sense to set our intention to hone our skills to create virtual learning experience meaningful.



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