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Degree Programs in Bangalore

Asian College of Teachers in academic collaboration with European International University (EIU Paris) offers a range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Professional Doctorate in Education. These online advanced degrees are designed for today’s busy professionals and ideal for those whose interests are wide-ranging and looking for a degree in teaching and education that reflects those interests.

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) in academic collaboration with European International University (EIU-Paris), presents an array of online degree programs, including Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees and Professional Doctorate in Education. These accelerated degree programs are designed to empower individuals, fostering a deep understanding of innovative pedagogy and creative methodologies. The aim is to enable individuals to bring excellence to both classrooms and their respective fields of work through comprehensive learning experiences. Explore our Degree Programs for a transformative educational journey.

Bachelor of Education Courses

B. Ed in Pre and Primary education is meant for aspirants looking to gain in-depth knowledge on teaching children belonging to a wide range of pre and primary education. 

B. Ed in Early Childhood Education is designed for educators to acquaint them with varied child development topics to help younger learners with their all-round development. 

B. Ed in Primary and Secondary Education aims to empower trainees to effortlessly teach students aged between 5-18 years old in both primary and secondary schools. 

B. Ed in TESOL is a high demand course that will acquaint the trainees with the methodologies to teach English as a second language to learners belonging from varied learning backgrounds. 

B. Ed in SEN aims to provide aspirants with sound knowledge in teaching in inclusive classrooms to prepare them for diverse roles for students with special needs.

Master of Arts in Education Courses

MA in Teaching seeks to acquaint the trainees with contemporary teaching styles enabling them to bring newer perspectives in their teaching approach in today's modern classrooms. 

  MA in Education with Leadership and Administration will help aspirants get in-depth knowledge in the concepts and ideas on leadership in educational settings.

  MA in Education in Special Education will provide aspirants with detailed knowledge in contemporary teaching with focus on special education. 

  MA in Education with Early Childhood Studies is another advanced course that provides detailed insights into education focusing on all-round development of young learners. 

  MA in Education with Pre and Primary Teaching instills a deeper understanding of contemporary teaching with emphasis on the correct approaches of pre and primary education.

   MA in Education with Teaching Technology will help aspirants learn contemporary teaching styles with focus on the usage of technology to teach today's digital learners. 

  MA in Education with Learning and Development acquaints aspirants with both teaching methodologies as well as process training approaches apt dor corporate training professionals. 

  MA in Education with TESOL focuses on acquainting the aspirants with contemporary approaches of teaching with focus on the different aspects of teaching English as a second language. 

  MA in Education with Early Childhood and Special Education acquaints aspirants with varied teaching approaches with focus on mastering the approaches to develop young learners and SEN children.

An advanced program like Integrated Master’s and Professional Doctorate in Education is aimed at aspirants and professionals looking for higher qualifications which can boost their career prospects in less time than the traditional Master's and Doctoral programs.

MA in Education with Curriculum and Instructional Design provides aspirants with the knowledge & skills necessary to become a competent curriculum and instructional designer & empower learners to reach their full potential.

Professional Doctorate

Professional Doctorate in Education comprises of 6 doctorate programs to help aspirants enhance their professional knowledge and make exceptional progress in their career. 

  • Professional Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Professional Doctorate in Education
  • Professional Doctorate in Education Administration & Leadership
  • Professional Doctorate in Educational Psychology
  • Professional Doctorate in Special Education
  • Professional Doctorate in Teaching
  • Professional Doctorate in Learning & Development

"I really had a great experience learning here,we did lot of activities and came to know about differet new things."

Bangalore, India
Special Education Course (SEN)
"It was a wonderful experience. I wanted to know about Montessori in more detail and this was perfect for me .I learnt a lot."

SMITA PATEL Bangalore, India
Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
"This course helped me to restart my career, I gained lots of knowledge. Overall it was a great experience."

Bangalore, India
Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
"It helped me understand how I should look at leadership. Also it provided me with direction on how to proceed."

Bangalore, India
Educationa Management Course

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