When we talk about culinary, preparing, cooking, presenting and serving food usually come to our mind. But, did you know with some simple kitchen doings, you can help make learning math fun and fruitful! In order to support special education kids in a better way, Bangalore North Ladies Circle 14 and Bangalore North Round Table 25 have come forward to aid Brindavan Education Trust set up a culinary lab at a cost of Rs 2,15,000.

The project has enclosed the installation of new sinks, ovens, installation of a workstation in the middle of the classroom etc. Additionally, this will be a pre-vocational training centre where children with learning disabilities will be trained well in kitchen assistance.

The project will help children with special needs as a life skill, to learn to be self-dependant and learn the value of nutrition/cooking.

How Kitchen Can Make Math Fun?

Here’s how you can make math fun in the kitchen -

  • Counting - Basic numbers, counting and simple addition
  • Fractions –Baking cakes make fractions easy
  • Sorting and sequencing - Using recipe ingredients and following the steps
  • Money - By going grocery shopping together
  • Shapes & colors - Use basic foods to teach colors
  • Weights & measures - Can be made fun
  • Problem solving - Cooking can help kids learn this important life skill

You can keep a small whiteboard in your kitchen.Using vocabulary precise to cooking aids them learn new words in theory and practice.

Hence, the founders at Brindavan Education Trust have one mission: social justice for special children.They are working to create a more inclusive society and a more inclusive world by creating employment opportunities for kids by inviting numerous hospitality leaders to meet their children and hire them.

Brindavan co-founder Gayathri Krishnasays -"Brindavan wants to prepare their special kids for the real world and aid them in reaching their potential and achieving sustainable employment. We believe all children have the ability to learn. Brindavan offers specific goals and programs for children to ensure successful skill training, school completion, and prevocational skill-building."

The fact is children can learn some valuable social and life skills in the kitchen as well. It is also important to keep in our mind that creativity is an extremely significant part while handling special children. Apart from the basic skills, they also learn key skills–

  • Safety and hygiene
  • Team work
  • Sharing
  • Self-confidence
  • Planning and organisation
  • Cooking and serving meals for friends and family
  • Time management and patience
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting
  • The joy of simple things, accepting and resolving mistakes

And so on…

This will develop their confidence and public speaking skills additionally.A kitchen is a learning lab for kids that can encompass all of their senses. Moreover, this can also be an opportunity to teach nutrition education like planning meals and making smarter food choices, etc.

These activities in schools can furthermore build positive memories that encourage future healthy and pleasurable cooking elsewhere.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, numerous school faculty are starting to embrace cooking to teach and encourage healthier eating. The online Special Education course is something which will help you to become a certified special educator.

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Written By : Soma Pillai