There are many different careers in the education field apart from traditional classroom teaching. What are they? If you are considering a transition out of teaching or are not interested in a teaching role, here area few of the careers in education that you may pursue.

Whatever the career path, careers in education are always in demand. Moreover, earning higher teacher training degrees is a good investment. Let us explore a list of interesting careers in education to aid you to determine your perfect career path.

Various Careers in Education

Here are several different educational careers listed below.

1. Education Administration

If you want you can pursue an advanced degree to become an educational administrator. Generally, educational administratorsare responsible for all administrative responsibilities at a school. These include budgets, agendas, disciplinary actions, event planningand so on. You need to havestrong attention to detail with excellent organizational skills.

Some of the potential job opportunities for an education administrator consist of principal, vice principal or dean. However, you also can encompass into advance areas such as cutting-edge curriculum planning, professional development, and instructional supervision for other teachers.

2. School Social Work

Did you know between 2016 and 2026, the occupation is projected to grow by 16 %? School social workers work with teachers as well as school administrators to categorize behaviour issues in students. These issues might lead to hostile behaviour, bullying or absenteeism. They then work with the learners along with their families to address the cause of the problem and develop approaches to improve students’ academic performance and social growth.

3. Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language

Needless to say, this profession is one of the most popular career paths among the graduates at present. Usually, a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certification is required to teach English to non-native speakers. You will be teaching English to students who do not speak English fluently. You can even teach English online or even teach students during the weekend as well.

4. Sports Coach

If you are a sports lover then this career is perfect for you. You will lead student sports teams by guiding practice, teaching them the sport, motivating them throughout practice and promoting physical wellness, physical activities, teamwork and sportsmanship. You may have one team or multiple teams of different levels, depending on the school.

5. Education Policy Analyst

Education policy analysts are classically employed by government interventions or connected organizations. They are wrestling with the huge challenging questions, such as how to address discrimination in education, increase teacher salaries and retention, improve academic outcomes, and boost funding, etc. You should have an aptitude for directing independent research and communicating and synthesizing the results evidently.

6. Instructional Coordinator

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that instructional coordinators will see demand for their services increase by 10% between 2016 and 2026. Generally, these people are tasked with evolving school curricula and teaching standards. Usually, they work for local governments, in professional schools, or within schools themselves.

7. Ed-tech Executive

Plunge into the world of education technology. Needless to say, after COVID19, tech is playing a progressively bigger role in today’s classroom and more former teachers are being needed to develop, consult on, and talk to teachers about the teaching technology of the future. However, precise education credentials are generally not as vital as experience, big thoughts, and software development know-how.

8. School and Career Counselor

They generally help students decide on their footpath for long-term goals. They help students to develop their social skills as well as academic skills so that they are able to flourish. This career focuses on helping students regulate their long-term goals for a career and their future. You can expect your salary to increase as you gain experience.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we can say that people who are interested in making a change by entering the field of education can pursue the above-mentioned careers. Various upgraded teachers training programs are available now that accumulate your requirements.

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Written By : Samantha Kanth