As an occupational therapist, dealing with children with special needs every day might be tricky as you have to handle a lot of temperaments at the same time. Then there are additional challenges when you have to prepare SOAP notes. This is because it involves a lot of paperwork as you need to document the note in the same format as recognised by health professionals.

You will always have to keep in mind what you want to document and then write it down for the interdisciplinary team to find the information quickly. While using a SOAP note format might not be the most favored thing for you, documenting student's progress is the best thing you can do for special educators and their families. If you are struggling to keep track, here is how you can write it.

What Is A SOAP Note?

In the realm of occupational therapy, a SOAP note constitutes a standardized format serving as a comprehensive record of a student’s session performance. It can be coupled with the occupational therapist's observations and plans for the client's progress. The acronym SOAP stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan, and is universally employed by occupational therapists across various contexts.

Importance of SOAP Notes for Occupational Therapists

SOAP notes are integral due to their capacity to standardize note-taking during occupational therapy sessions, ensuring both objectivity and conciseness. Through adherence to a specific structure, these notes foster familiarity not only among fellow therapists but also among clinicians within the broader health and wellness domain. This attribute proves particularly advantageous in interdisciplinary practices, promoting a comprehensive understanding among team members regarding the client's endeavors and the subsequent steps to undertake.

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What To Include In A SOAP Format

The information that you put down in the SOAP note depends on many factors, however, there is a standard format that you should follow.

SOAP note occupational therapy

Here is everything that you need to include:

  • S- Subjective

The Subjective section of the SOAP note primarily details information derived directly from the student. It documents their verbal expressions about their condition or feelings. This could include any queries they posed during the session or reports from teachers or support staff members. Within this section, a subjective overview of the client's present state is furnished.

  • O- Objective

While the Subjective segment hinges on the client's perspectives, the Objective part deals with concrete facts. This section details the therapist's actions during the session, emphasizing an objective and factual representation of the events. Interpretation or analysis is eschewed in favor of factual reporting. Additionally, any collected data or insights into interventions can be included here, offering a clear snapshot of the session.

  • A- Assessment

In the Assessment segment, the therapist imparts their expert analysis. After furnishing objective facts in the preceding section, this space becomes a canvas to illustrate the therapist's interpretation. It's the "so what?" juncture where the therapist links the client's performance to predetermined goals. The therapist evaluates progress and illuminates the implications of said progress on the client's functional capacity.

  • P- Plan

The final frontier of the SOAP note is the Plan section, offering a glimpse into the therapist's forward-looking strategy. This sector discloses alterations planned for upcoming occupational therapy sessions. It can encompass a gamut of elements such as therapeutic activities, defined objectives, and the proposed frequency of therapy.

How To Write A SOAP Note?

To articulate a SOAP note within the occupational therapy purview, the SOAP acronym functions as an essential guide. Here is how you can write a SOAP note:

  • For handwritten notes, employ a pre-printed template with designated boxes for each section streamlines the process.
  • If you are using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, integrated templates can come in handy.
  • A dedicated 'initial assessment' form might be employed, alongside references to these assessments in medical notes.
  • Essential components of the SOAP note include the date and time, the therapist's credentials, any present family members' details, and consent information.

Enhance Communication With SOAP Notes

SOAP notes emerge to be essential in capturing and disseminating crucial information regarding student sessions. These standardized records are a blend of objectivity, analysis, and forward-looking strategies, facilitating seamless collaboration among therapists and clinicians in pursuit of optimal client progress and functional outcomes.

However, if you are new to the occupational therapy journey, it is always recommended to undergo offline or online Special Education certificate programs. Additionally, it is also helpful to look at other OT SOAP notes just to get an idea about where to begin. Regardless of whatever you do, always remember a well-written note promotes your understanding of the client and your value towards treating them.

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Written By : Sanjana