In today’s time education is not about only formal education, the truth is it never was. We prepare kids for life. To help them lead an independent life. It is satisfying to see the global teaching strategies and techniques are shifting. The schools, teachers, and even parents now understand the need for holistic growth of a child, and that it is not always about the test score. The schooling of a child influences emotional, physical, and social development.

The role of parents in the process of education is to ensure children understand why they are sent to school and how it can help them to lead a life that they are dreaming of. Not only does active parents' involvement in their education promotes academic results, but it is also a great way to show how much children are cared for!

The Benefits of Parents Involvement in Schooling –

  • Parents’ involvement acts as a tool of support system. When both parents and the child is in tune with each other, the child's life reflects a radical improvement, both academically and personally.
  • Parents when continuously show up for their children, it helps kids to feel more assured, makes them feel motivated, and their confidence increases.
  • When parents and teacher make it work together, they can be more in sync with the strengths and weakness of the child, this act as a gap filler.
  •  Involved parents equal to involved child. Children show interest in their academic pursuits.
  • Both teachers and parents get benefited too. Teacher receives all the support that they need from parents and parents’ relationship with their children becomes stronger.

How parents can contribute better towards children’s education?

Create a healthy atmosphere at home

A sound mind is a better niche for growth. Parents when capable of providing a healthy homely environment, they can solidify better life for their kids. Where children can feel calm and focused, they can perform better on their homework, practice the classwork and so much more.  The sense of safety around the home is also a stirrer of communication. It allows children to feel free about their day a school and can also share about those moments if there were any uncomfortable moments like bullying. The emotional stability of a child is integral to foster better results in their academics. It also brings motivation and enthusiasm to explore different interests of the child.

Get involved in school activities

There are multiple researches that show how important it is for parents to actively participate in children’s education. All these researches signify a direct correlation between parents’ involvement and children’s academic achievements. Genuine parents’ involvement bring tangible results. Children spend half of their time regularly in school. In those time frames, they encounter multiple experiences. When parents choose to show interest in children’s education it helps to create a stronger bond between them. It also helps parents to know their child better, where parents can help their children in the areas, they truly need elder's assistance.

Cultivate a positive outlook on education

Children when forms a positive outlook towards education, can pursue their academic goal organically. Especially with younger ones, it is important to help them develop a healthy perspective on what schooling is. Children at their formative stage have just started to build their thought and idea about why they are sent off to study and how they find learning enjoyable. Responsible parents take time to ingrain that loving relation with education. Parents with a positive approach can influence children's attitudes towards formal education.

21st century parents have a lot on their shoulders. Not to mention raising a child is never an easy task. But it will be vague to say parents cannot do it! Parents' involvement is crucial and it needs to be a huge part of children's educational life. This is why both teachers and parents can help each other to support children in to facilitate holistic growth. 

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Written By : Krishna Shetty