Teaching online is not just a recent shift in this unprecedented time, it is a cutting-edge trend and it is here to stay! Whether you are looking for a total shift in your career or a side gig to earn extra while sitting at home, EFL teaching offers a well of opportunities for both experienced and newbie professionals.

In the past few years, the growth in the teaching English online market has paved the path for many ESL/EFL teachers for a safe landing. Plus, the opportunity to work on a global platform comes with multiple benefits –

  • Stable income
  • Global teaching experience
  • Connect with people from diverse culture

Since the ESL industry is showing good prospects, one can surely make their international career in teaching EFL/ESL a success. Distance learning is becoming more and more prevalent in many ways. Thanks to technology we have a major power in our hands to decide, influence, and take action even in adverse times like this!

Here are 5 frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice in your career –

What Is Teaching English Online?

TEFL means teaching English as a foreign language, so you will be teaching students who are non-native English speakers. Teaching English online is much different from what you can expect in teaching in face-to-face teaching. Both the approaches and techniques while taking online teaching sessions need to be appropriate considering the diversity.

You can either choose to find your own student base or choose to work with institutes (freelance, part-time or full-time). There are several types of educational organization that offers online English classes, schools, language institute and even corporates. Besides, being proficient in teaching you are most definitely expected to handle technology conveniently.

How can I Become An Online English Teacher?

The field of ESL teaching is becoming vast day by day. That means the competition is high too. For starters, you obviously need to qualify – the professional requirement for teaching English online is:

  • A bachelor degree (any background)
  • Globally accepted TEFL certification
  • English language proficiency

Basically, being competent with teaching EFL/ESL skills, you also need to invest time and money to prepare your setup. Which means, you need a laptop/PC with a high-quality webcam as well as a headset and decent internet connection. You also need a working station where you will be undisturbed and can focus.

How Much Money Can I Make Being an Online English Teacher?

This majorly depends on the experience. Aspiring teachers may find it a little bit straining to find jobs that pay well. However, it increases along the way as you grow in the platform. On average, newbies can expect to earn 10 to 20 USD per hour. And teachers with experience can earn around 30 to 50 USD per hour.

Teaching in groups, teaching specialists English, or getting a quality review on the work has an incredible influence on how much you can demand per hour. Not to mention, teaching English online comes with a lot of flexibility on setting the time schedule, choosing to freelance or doing part-time et cetera. So you get to sway your way on how you want to balance your time to make that a fruitful investment.

How Do I Find My Job To Teach English Online?

There are multiple ways to find the job you are comfortable with. But the trick is to find a reliable job. Begin by reading about the job provider's website and other external sites. Read reviews, check if they run a reputable business or not.

ESL Authority and Dave’s ESL Café are two major sites you can promote yourself as an independent instructor.

The ESL industry is well established in many countries around the world. So you can choose to find your own community. English First (EF), Whale English, Preply, VIPKID are few top-listed English job providers. You can also prefer to advertise yourself using social media platforms.

How Do I Know It’s The Right Career Choice For Me?

Are you eager to make a career as an English teacher? Are you willing to expand your horizon internationally? And, would it be fulfilling for you to make a difference in people's lives across the globe?

If your answer is yes, then rest assured, teaching English online is for you!

Besides, if you have a dream of moving abroad, then online teaching is the perfect option to test the water. You get to work internationally with the comfort of your home, add experience to your kitty and earn money conveniently. What more could you ask!

The most celebrated thing about Teaching English Online is that, have the freedom to do it from anywhere. This is perhaps one of the greatest gifts of technology. Teaching online seems to be the future, is no longer wishful thinking, it is a major possibility. All you need is to be proficient with teaching EFL/ESL skills to build your international career in teaching EFL/ESL field.

Written By : Soma Pillai