As a school teacher or principal, it is always better to incorporate various techniques and bring in variation in the effective teaching-learning process. The 21st Century classroom is different from the traditional classroom so teachers need to be more innovative and creative with their teaching strategies and methodologies.

Amongst the different strategies, Hyper docs is one such good way used to make the learning more effective.

Now, let us see what is Hyperdocs?

A Hyperdocs is a lesson that is specifically designed and developed to create a blended learning experience. Such a lesson helps the learners to develop skills. Children have their voice, he brings in a lot of communication, collaboration, creativity, and think critically. This type of learning helps to learn through creativity, questioning, and curiosity.

This type of learning is developed keeping in mind the learner's needs and requirements. A Hyperdoc is not a program or any software it is a way to connect with the learning process through integration. It is creativity and effort that come into the lesson plan. It is inquiry-based learning wherein learners learn through interaction, engagement, exploration, explanation, sharing, and reflecting.

Following are the reasons for which you as a teacher should include HyperDocs in your classroom –

  • Makes teaching-learning effective
  • Makes teachers creative in lesson designing
  • Makes you go beyond the textbook
  • Integrating new teaching technology
  • Blending learning
  • Facilitation

With all the benefits, it is important to bring in new methodologies, techniques, and ways to make learning more effective.

How to use Hyperdocs in the classroom-

  • Create a Google doc
  • Add various tabs and categories to organize the content
  • Make it user-friendly with all categories properly sorted
  • You can make the text in editable format
  • Manage all the privacy policy
  • Share the hyperdoc with the students in the learning management system maintaining all the privacy policies.

Such techniques bring in variation in the classroom, make the learners acquainted with technology and make learning fun. It helps to reflect the virtual learning environment.

It helps to develop four skills –

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity

Most international schools expect teachers to be equipped with 21st Century skills as this is a necessity globally. So if you are planning to have an international career in teaching then you need to get a proper teacher training certificate and develop skills to make learning more interesting for the students. Also, the upgraded curriculum of current learning demands various strategies, instructions, etc.

Award-winning teacher training institute helps to develop skills and train you to use such learner-friendly approaches in your classroom. Such fun and creative ways are very easy to create and are engaging for the learners. This brings in a change in the same way of teaching learning process and a great resource to incorporate in your instruction. This makes room for personalized, interactive and student derived learning. It suffice all the steps of lesson planning right from the planning of lesson to the lesson delivery and finally reflecting the lessons. This takes you a step close to turning your classroom into 21st Century classroom and follow the instruction.

Thus, being 21st Century teachers and facilitators we need to incorporate such techniques like hyperdoc and make teaching-learning process more fun and effective.

Written By : Samantha Kanth