It takes a lot for the parents of a special child to guide and support them when there is a transition from pre-school (ECSE- Early childhood and Special Education) to kindergarten. There are certain teaching strategies for children with special needs in order to get them accustomed to the classroom session properly. In Bangalore, schools for special needs children are built with the utmost care, and the infrastructure is super-class.

Teaching children with special needs becomes a bit challenging during the transition phase. Schools in Bangalore appoint special educators who have pursued the CACHE-endorsed online special education courses. It is proven that the curriculum framed by these courses is absolutely aligned to modern methodologies along with the best learning techniques.

Hence, schools in Bangalore always encourage collaborating with parents while supporting children with special needs during their transition period. It is the vital phase when parents have to take care of the records of a special child and have to make him/her understand that they are expecting a very positive outcome of this phase. Gifted children must understand that this phase is extremely beautiful and will always guide them to become better in the future.

Parents must remember these before the transition phase begins:

  • Make a list and note down the strengths and weaknesses of your child before he/she moves to a kindergarten school. Special educators must know about these features because this in turn will help them create a schedule fit for children having the same talents.
  • Just before the transition phase sets in, a special child goes through tons of behavioral change. When they get to know that there is a new world waiting for them, some of them become highly excited while others become nervous, and the most challenging part is when some children show no reaction. It is very important that parents must observe how the behavioral pattern of children is changing.
  • Though a special child's mental health report is supposed to be confidential, yet parents should talk to teachers of kindergarten schools regarding that report. Teachers must be aware of the mental status of children, otherwise, they won't be able to figure out how their minds process every thought.

How to facilitate a smooth transition?


Kids love to listen to stories that have moral statements and it has helped students with special abilities to a great extent. Parents should understand that storytelling is a brilliant method of preparing students with special abilities for their next step, i.e., kindergarten school.


Right before special children take admission to a kindergarten school, the school authorities should conduct a face-to-face meeting with parents of those gifted kids. The parents must learn how their kids will be going through certain procedures so that their rate of progress is smooth and accurate. Teachers, on the other hand, should also understand the challenges these kids are facing and must formulate a strategy accordingly.


Often special children feel nervous to become a part of a new system because they do not what is coming on their way and if they will be treated nicely or not. It is advisable to give them a trailer of where they shall be taking admission and a photo book will be an awesome idea to do so. A customized photo book or album having photographs of special education teachers, assistants, classroom, lunch area, playground, etc., if shown to gifted children before they join a new school, they will feel a bit more attached to the new environment once they step in.

These three methods have been proven to be quite exciting and beneficial to facilitate a smooth transition. Both parents and teachers should keep in mind that whatever they are planning should end in the social and physical development of SEN learners. Teaching children with special needs is definitely a core focus in every school in Bangalore and that is why they hire special educators who are experts in taking care of special kids.

Written By : Krishna Shetty