A playground is a social place, especially for younger kids. Kids often need to burn off pent-up energy and a common playground is a great place for kids to be themselves and make new friends. Thus, good manners are an essential part of such an environment.

Sure, it can be difficult for many kids and some parents too. Nevertheless, playground etiquette can allow parents to navigate different situations as well as handle difficult circumstances with grace.

One of the many things that are taught in Montessori teaching is the ways of life, aka life skills. Playground Etiquette can be easily inspired from such teachings, both parents and Montessori educators learn the techniques to guide children in learning social skills.

3 Essential Playground Etiquette –

Sharing & Taking Turns

A playground is a commonplace and it is parents’ responsibility to help children understand the meaning of sharing and taking a turn. It can be tricky in the beginning, since kids mainly run with their instinct. As they are excited to play around and use swings, slides, and other fun rides, they also need to learn how to take turns and share space.

The primary reason of sharing and waiting patiently is an essential life skill, it is also better to help children practice this to keep them away from conflict. It allows kids to understand discipline, fairness, self-control, how to negotiate with others, and even manage disappointment.

Children can learn about good behavior, develop a sense of being polite. Parents need to take one day at a time to provide space for children to learn about such things. Hence, taking one day at a time can serve better. Appreciate your child when they follow small things that you have introduced to them. A playground is a place where children can learn a lot about how to behave with their surroundings.

Age Appropriation

There can be various types of rides in the playground. But all of them are not for children of all ages. Age appropriateness can help greatly when it comes to safety. As parents, you need to check with your child's age and the equipment that is built for which range of age group.

To prevent any preventable injury or accidents, keep your child away from play rides that are not for them. Usually, equipment and ride do have signs or stickers near them; you can follow the signs to decide whether any particular equipment would be safe for your child to play on.

Stay Away from Phone

Playground Etiquette is not just for kids, they are for everyone who is entering the space. For many parents, the playground becomes a place where they can relax a bit while children are enjoying themselves. While it can be a thing especially if you have older kids, nonetheless supervision is an essential part. 

Thus, the playground is not a place where you get inside your phone and start checking your texts and emails. Especially if the playground is crowded you need to constantly supervise your children. It is not just to keep an eye on them;you are responsible for your child’s safety. Better be aware than be sorry!

A Conclusive Takeaway

As parents, while we teach our kids about the way of life, the playground is a place where we need to let children have fun without constantly hovering over them. Keep monitoring them without letting them get distracted with all your NO's. It is also crucial for parents to understand that their role while children are playing is to observe them and be there when they need you. Additionally, remember to carry a small first aid kit with you to the playground things like –sanitary wipes, bandages, and antibiotic cream as could come in handy.

Above all else, be mindful when you are with your kids in the playground. Montessori Teacher Training Courses for parents can also help a lot to know how to manage toddlers at their pick time of learning about life skills.

Written By : Samantha Kanth