Looking for some pro-tips to make your ESL teaching resume! Well yes, making resume for the job hunt can be stressful. Especially when the online English teaching field is booming, needless to say, the competition is high. Because of this high demand, employers do often get hundreds of resumes from qualified English teachers across the globe.

Dear TEFLers we have got you! Undoubtedly, teaching English online is a booming profession. The major reason being the flexible nature of the job, and lucrative aspects of earning money at your own pace have turned this online English teaching market into a desirable profession on a large scale.

Know that writing a resume does not need to be a work of labor rather a work of being smart about it. By understanding how to get hired and become an online ESL teacher is all about learning how to skillfully present your unique story and relevant experience at your recruiter’s desk.


First Impression Goes A Long Way

Without any second thought, a resume is the first impression you make on your recruiter. And because of this, resume making demand attention. By the time you reach the point of meeting your interviewer face to face, they already have an idea of you as a teacher. Thus it is absolutely essential to be presentable with your choice of words and format of the resume. Starting from choosing a font to the text color and size it all matters. It is crucial to make your first impression with your resume to ensure the recruiter is interested to read what you have written at first glance.

Maintain Simplicity

Simple and clear resume design always makes it easier for the recruiter to connect. While you can use your artistic skill to make a little bit unique and different, however, keep in mind to make it simple to look at. The recruiter should always have an easy time reading and identifying your experience.

Avoid too many details and information altogether, especially when it comes to previous job experiences which you can expand in your cover letter. Also, don’t use complicated jargon on your resume (as this is not a place to show your vocabulary skill) with information and text. Focus more on using a clean, simple black font also include bold headings/subheadings where you want to highlight any specific skill set or previous job.

Don’t Lie In Resume

This is a part where most people are confused about how much they should elevate their resume. Yes! You need to stand out, but keep your integrity in place. Add your achievements and competencies honestly. The key to emphasize why you are a good fit for the job role is to curate your abilities in a way that looks like you are connecting the dots – what they have mentioned in the job description your skills and experience are in alignment with that.

Many newbie teachers fuss about the fact that they don't have any practical experience to add to, this is where you need to be smart about it. First and foremost young energy is revered in online English teaching. And second,

you can use your informal teaching experience because it counts (even the peer teaching or teaching practice sessions you have done in your TEFL course). Bear in mind one of the major differences between a resume and a potential resume is giving straight what your recruiter is looking for. Nailing that certainly makes everything fall into place.

Your Takeaway

Recognize that writing a resume is more than about putting accurate data together on a piece of paper. When you are making your resume, you are speaking about your proficiency in a formal way. Not to mention, it is also integral that you understand every word you write in your resume. Many a time recruiter does ask for details on what you have written in your resume, this helps in giving on the spot clear-cut answers to any questions.

Written By : Krishna Shetty