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Translanguaging And Its Practices In TEFL Classrooms

While working within modernist thought processes of the whole world Lambert (1974) specified language education for bilingual populations as following a subtractive or additive model. Subtractive bilingualism was characterized by the replacement of bilingual speakers of their minoritized language with the society’s dominant language. ...

Written By : Krishna Shetty

Most Effective Tips To Teach English Language Learners Successfully

Generally, there are different levels of learners in a single ELL class and we’ll discuss that some other day. It is a mixture of students where some are from the L1 level and some from other levels. There are exclusive reasons behind that but for now, let’s see how to execute strategies for teaching ELLs. ...

Written By : Debolina Chakraborty

5 Tips To Teach Kids About Time Management

Wondering how to begin teaching time management to kids? Go through the 5 points shared by teachers on the essential concepts and lessons, so it becomes easy for you to manage the school year’s schedule more successfully, with a lot more fun! ...

Written By : Krishna Shetty

Why Phonics Activities Are Gaining Popularity In Preschools?

Sounding out words without any redundancy is a major motto of the phonics game. Kids must learn to read or pronounce words correctly in their early childhood and that is why teaching phonics to young learners is essential. Let’s see how nursery teachers help kids to learn phonics by using various games. ...

Written By : Samantha Kanth