How To Grow A Child's Scientific Vocabulary?

Calling spade a spade, a child involves himself/herself in a class only when the subject matter is appealing enough. With the help of constructive designs, children learn the scientific terms easily and understand the academic concepts. ...

Written By : Soma Pillai

Practical Ways To Help Children With Dyscalculia

As the world is changing, parents are now seen to have broader perspective towards the disabilities and are no more sceptical about it. In the 21st Century, teachers and parents collectively help the learner to tackle the situation and come out of the disability. There are different ways to do so! ...

Written By : Krishna Shetty

Proven Steps To Conduct A Successful Skills Gap Analysis

For any organization employee performance is essential to quantify the business achievement. Skills gap analysis is not just for upgrading existing employees, it is a pathway to know when to hire and branch out new departments. In a competitive market staying ahead is the only option if you want to thrive. ...

Written By : Samantha Kanth

5 Common Questions Asked About Teaching English Online

Teaching English online is much more than just teaching grammar. It is more about how you connect with your diverse student group and perform as a skillful ESL/EFL teacher. Use the gift of technology to reach across the globe. With flexibility, the ESL industry is proving to be a lucrative career option for many. ...

Written By : Soma Pillai

Integrating Parents Involvement in Education

Parents' responsibility in raising their child is multidimensional. Not to mention, today's parents have a lot on their plate to manage. To support holistic growth of children, both parents and teachers can work together in knowing the children, helping them with the tools they require, and develop skills-not just academic but life skills too.   ...

Written By : Krishna Shetty